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N.Y.S. & W. Hanford Branch

Modeling the N.Y.S.& W. Passenger Station

Sussex, New Jersey

"By the way, your drawings are fantastic, a blind man could build the depot by your plans." -Don Spiro

The dimensions in these drawings are based upon photographs, minor speculation and the footprint dimension as published in the Sussex Independent in 1872 when the station was built.

I drew up these plans as a favor to a friend, Don Spiro, but it has served as a good precursor to finishing my Newton DL&W Depot plans as both stations had a full portico. Any feedback should be sent to me here.

If you ever had opportunity to be INSIDE this station, I'd love to attempt a floor plan.



Donations of photographs or scans of photographs of this or any other Sussex County, New Jersey railroad station are always welcome.

Photographs are from the following books:

  • The Next Station Will Be... An Album of Photographs of Railroad Depots in 1910, Vol. 1, New York, Susquehanna & Western, Middletown & East, A Railroadian Book-1973
  • A Penny A View.... an album of postcard views: ...Railroads of Sussex Co., N.J., Vol. 2, Wayne T. McCabe & Kate Gordon
  • Susquehanna, New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad, John Krause & Ed Crist

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