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Modeling the Franklin Station



These drawings are based on photographic evidence, personal recollections, extrapolations and ICC Valuation Map information. I've drawn the station as it might appear in 1930. Depending on the period you are modeling, there will be additions/omissions necessary to keep the model prototypical.

I've come up with measurements. I cannot guarantee they're 100% accurate to the prototype station, but they will work to create a model that looks an awful lot like the Franklin station.

A special thanks to James Sorochinski, Joe Codella, and Gene Deimling for assisting me in making these plans as complete and accurate as humanly possible!

If anyone knows something I missed, please speak up.

I encourage everyone to print these plans out and show them to ANYONE who may be able to correct or confirm anything I have here. And if you or someone you know is modeling this station, I'd appreciate knowing about it.

If you ever had opportunity to be INSIDE this station, I'd love to attempt a floor plan.





Although it is next to impossible to prove what colors the Franklin station wore in the 1930s, I feel it is a good guess that it was in Lackawanna gray with green trim.

After the Lackawanna pulled out of Franklin, it is very possible the NYSW painted it in Susquehanna gray with maroon trim.



Alterations through time:

1869: The Franklin depot was constructed by the Sussex Railroad Company in July of 1870.

1958: On January 1, 1958, The Franklin station, which had been used for storage of building supplies caught fire and burned like dry tinder. The Franklin fire department was called out and extinguished the fire, however it sparked back to life later that morning.

The NYSW gave permission to the fire department to let the building burn if it started up again. It did, and the station was consumed in flame.


Donations of photographs or scans of photographs of this or any other Sussex County, New Jersey railroad station are always welcome.


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